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Voluntary disclosure refers to the process by which taxpayers proactively report previously undisclosed or underreported income, assets, or information to tax authorities. This could involve income that was not reported, offshore assets that were not previously disclosed, or corrections to prior tax returns that contain inaccuracies. The primary purpose of voluntary disclosure is to correct past tax filings before the IRS or state tax authorities discover these errors or omissions.

The Process of Voluntary Disclosure

  1. Identifying the Need for Disclosure: The process begins with recognizing discrepancies in past tax returns or realizing that certain income or assets were not disclosed.

  2. Reviewing Tax History: A thorough review of past tax returns and financial records is essential to ascertain all discrepancies.

  3. Preparing Corrective Filings: This involves preparing accurate tax returns that reflect the true amount of income and tax due, including the calculation of interest and penalties.

  4. Negotiating with Tax Authorities: Before submitting the corrected returns, it can be beneficial to enter into discussions with tax authorities to potentially reduce penalties.

  5. Submitting the Disclosure: The final step is to submit the revised tax returns along with any supporting documentation to the IRS or the relevant state tax authority.

Why is Voluntary Disclosure Important?

Voluntary disclosure can prevent more severe consequences such as higher penalties, criminal charges, and more rigorous enforcement actions. By voluntarily correcting past mistakes, taxpayers can often benefit from reduced penalties and may avoid criminal prosecution, depending on the nature of the tax issue and the specific policies of the tax authority involved.

The Role of a Seasoned Tax Attorney in Voluntary Disclosure

  1. Expertise in Tax Law: Tax law is highly complex and ever-changing. A seasoned tax attorney has the necessary legal knowledge to navigate these complexities, ensuring that the disclosure complies with current laws and regulations.

  2. Strategic Planning: An experienced lawyer can help develop a strategic approach to voluntary disclosure that minimizes potential penalties and taxes due. This involves a careful analysis of all available data, accurate recalculations of taxes owed, and the application of the most favorable legal precedents and tax codes.

  3. Representation Before Tax Authorities: Dealing with the IRS or state tax authorities can be daunting. A tax attorney will represent you in all communications and negotiations, providing a buffer between you and the authorities. This can be crucial in securing more favorable terms during the disclosure process.

  4. Confidentiality: All communications with your attorney are protected by attorney-client privilege, ensuring that your disclosures to your lawyer remain confidential. This protection is vital when dealing with sensitive financial information.

  5. Mitigating Penalties: A lawyer skilled in tax negotiations can be instrumental in reducing financial penalties. This is often a key component of voluntary disclosure agreements with the IRS or state authorities.

  6. Legal Safeguards: If the disclosure potentially involves criminal implications, having legal representation is critical. An attorney ensures that your rights are protected throughout the process and works to prevent criminal charges from being filed.

Voluntary disclosure is a significant step for any taxpayer facing potential issues with undeclared income or tax discrepancies. The process allows taxpayers to address errors proactively, potentially reducing penalties and avoiding criminal charges. Given the complexities involved and the stakes at hand, the guidance and representation of a seasoned tax attorney or lawyer are indispensable. This professional support is not merely beneficial—it is essential to navigate the intricacies of tax law successfully and to secure the most favorable outcome in a voluntary disclosure case. In Phoenix, where both state and federal tax laws apply, the expertise of a skilled tax attorney becomes even more crucial.


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