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Garnishment or Levies

If you have or a threat to have a garnishment to your paycheck or a levy on your assets we can get those stopped. Hope is not lost. But the time to act is  now and fast. Call us immediately because time is of the essence. We need to be able to get a hold of the unit or agent that has place the collection action. We will need to get you in compliance to get it fixed. This can take time to get that done. In these case we dedicate immediate time to get it fixed.  Call us now to get these released (480)442-1040

Threatening Letters

Any letter received from the IRS by nature is a threatening letter. But there are some that you really need to watch out for. For example when they are threatening a levy or collection action then you need to take it serious and act quick. By doing so it will save a lot of pain and money so you aren't dealing with money that has been frozen in a bank account or receiving a check that you won't be able to pay your bills. Call us immediately to get this resolved. (480)442-1040

IRS Tax Liens

The best defense to a tax lien is attack it before it gets assessed. Once a lien gets assessed sometimes the only way to get it released is payment in full. There are ways to get them released. Once your tax debt is paid it can still be on your record and you may need assistance to get it released. If you have lien issues call is today for help. (480)442-1040

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