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I think I will be paying this the rest of my life

-Every Taxpayer that has owed money to the IRS

Offer in Compromise, Settlement

If you qualify for an Offer in Compromise then this is the best thing to do with a tax debt. You can settle the debt to an amount that you can afford to pay back. It is a complicated process. To explain it in a simple way, you can settle for your excess income plus any assets have. 

If you don't qualify for an Offer in Compromise then the Payment arangment or Installment plan is a good option. We can get you into a payment that you can afford. Do not settle with the Huge payment and the terms the IRS says you need to pay. 

Payment Arangment


If you really can't afford to pay anything to the IRS on a monthly payment there is always an option of a hardship. When in a Hardship you will still have a debt with the IRS but they will not require you to make any payments to them. You can do this and wait for the statute of limitations to run and the debt will fall off.

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