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Arizona Tax Resolution


Arizona Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents specializing in solving all IRS and state tax issues and situations. 



Although we are in a strange time of the world. We are commited to helping and getting this burden off your shoulders. 

Things will be different but we are set up to work over fax, email and text. We will be meeting in the office when circumstances allow.

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Tax Resolution in Arizona







Has it been years since you have filed your tax returns? No worries, our typical client has at least five years of unfiled tax returns.


Do you have a debt because a spouse was hiding income from you. You can be relieved from this debt. 



If you have received notice that you are being audited it can be a scary event. You are in good hands with good representation. It is important to do it right the first time.



Did you or your tax preparer not report your income or your expenses correct on your return? We can help to minimize the repercussions.



Do you have a tax debt? Do you feel it is never going away? Or are you worried about your assets because of the debt? There is always a way out and we have that way.


Payroll, sales or unemployment tax issues? We specialize in fixing these issues. 



Do you have a Levy or Garnishment?  Have you received a threatening letter from the IRS or a knock on your door?

IRS Help, Enrolled Agent

My Name is Brandon Metcalfe, EA. I am the Owner of Resolute Tax Services. I am an Enrolled Agent. I would like to introduce you to my Company and invite you to hire us to ease the burdens of IRS Debts and IRS Audits.


I have over FIFTEEN years of experience in Tax Resolution. I have worked for over five years at one of the Nation’s Largest Tax firms and have worked in other Law Firms here in Arizona and nationwide for Arizona Tax Attorneys.


I have built Resolute Tax around You our client. I have seen the difficulties these other models have. I know that with these big firms you can become a number and get lost in the shuffle. Most of the time the work that you paid for them to do will never get done and in most of cases it isn’t even the best solution for your situation. This is caused from having a salesperson meeting with the client and telling them he is a “consultant”.


Law Firm can be good but does have a downside. You are usually facing higher and higher fees. Most Law firms practice different kinds of Law so it can be debatable in how often they deal with these issues. Also Attorneys are notorious for being unreachable. An Attorney can call himself a “Tax Attorney” without having any experience dealing in Taxes. Watch out for these Attorneys. 


I have built a Firm to meet these needs. Being able to make Resolute Tax a customer focused Firm we have been able to make services affordable and have filled the communication gap of always being available. Not only do we do Tax Preparation and other year to year tax activities but we specialize in the following:

  • IRS and Arizona Audit Representation

  • Offer's in compromise(IRS settlements). 

  • I have stepped in time after time to help other CPA's, Tax Attorneys and other tax professionals to consult on how I think the Audit will go. You have to have the experience to know what the IRS is looking for and what the purpose of that would be. Not knowing these things can put the Taxpayer in a really bad situation when the tax audit is finished. 


We have also specialized in  solving other IRS Tax problems. We would put our record against any other firm in the negotiations we perform day in and day out with the IRS for our clients. We get more done and do it more effective. We solve Tax Problems.  


I want to invite you to come in for a FREE consultation so you can get a feel of what we are about and see that we have Your best interest at heart. You can call me direct or email me with a question.


I hope we can talk and I hope I can show you that we want to help and solve these burdens that don’t have to be there.


Put our Tax Resolution to the test



"Resolute Tax Services is phenomenal company.  When I received the paperwork in the mail that I was being audited, I thought my life was over.  Through lots of research I hired Resolute to handle my irs audit...and they did what I didn't think was possible.  They got the IRS agent to recommend no changes be made to my return.  They treated me with respect and caring.  They helped me through this process so I could provide the documentation to support my return.  I couldn't recommend them more highly!"

Marcie M Tempe, Az 



FREE consultation.

We will analyze and asses the best plan to fix the issues.  

IRS Tax Help
IRS Audit Help

We assess and figure out what tools are needed to fix everything that is going to be needed to fix the problem.

Arizona Tax Attorney

We fix the problems and get you compliant again and back in good standing with the IRS.

Fix your IRS Debt

You start keeping your money instead of letting the IRS take it.




Located in Chandler, Tempe and Phoenix.

Tel:  480.442.1040


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Reslute Tax Attorneys

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Thank you. Will will contact you soon.

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