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FBAR Resolution Services
Scottsdale Arizona

Navigate Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) complexities with ease. Our Phoenix tax attorney provides specialized services to resolve FBAR issues, ensuring accurate compliance and peace of mind for individuals with overseas financial interests.

Business Tax Resolution
Scottsdale Arizona

Resolve your business tax issues efficiently. Our Phoenix-based firm offers tailored tax resolution services for businesses, helping you navigate audits, back taxes, and other challenges to keep your business on track.

We Speak "IRS" (The Language No One Wants To Learn!)

Scottsdale Best Tax Attorney

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is often perceived as a formidable enforcer, but it fundamentally aims to assist taxpayers in meeting their obligations without causing undue hardship. Recognizing that financial circumstances can pose significant challenges, the IRS offers various programs and services designed to help individuals and businesses resolve their tax issues in a manageable way. Options like Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise, and Temporary Non-Collectible Status are crafted to provide relief and facilitate compliance. The agency's emphasis on taxpayer education and assistance underscores its commitment to working cooperatively with taxpayers to find solutions that prevent financial distress. By encouraging communication and offering guidance, the IRS demonstrates its willingness to work things out, focusing on solutions that are in the best interest of both the taxpayer and the tax system.



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Hello, I'm Brandon Metcalfe, a dedicated Tax Attorney with a deep-rooted passion for serving the Arizona community. With extensive experience navigating both State and Federal Tax landscapes, I understand the complexities and nuances of tax law. My practice is built on a foundation of integrity, expertise, and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for my clients. Whether you're facing audits, disputes, or seeking proactive tax planning advice, I'm here to offer you the personalized attention and strategic guidance you need. My goal is not just to resolve your immediate tax concerns but to ensure you're positioned for financial health and compliance in the long run. I invite you to join me at my practice, where your financial well-being is my top priority. Let's work together to turn tax challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

Phoenix Arizona Tax Attorney


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Scottsdale Arizona Tax Attorney


Brandon is wonderful made me feel at ease. Answer my thousand of question during the day and night, very responsive and compassionate to your need, he know to calm your stress. Thank you Brandon !

Sumi E.

Scottsdale, Arizona


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